Bleached Flour

What is Bleached Flour?

Bleached flour refers to refining baking flour (usually wheat) to white flour, and then going through a bleaching process which uses a "whitening agent" to get the color as white as possible.

Why Bleaching Makes White Flour Even Worse

It has been shown that alloxan is a byproduct of the flour bleaching process, the process they use to make flour look so clean and well, white. No, they are technically not adding alloxan to the flour - although you will read this bit of misinformation on the Internet. But, they are doing chemical treatments to the grain that result in the formation of alloxan in the flour. [1]

With so little food value already in a piece of white bread, now there is potentially a chemical poison lurking in there as well. [1]

Chlorine and Chlorides May Be Used in Bleached Flour

It has not been determined how many mills are bleaching flour with chlorine oxide, but we do know the use of chlorides for bleaching flour is considered an industry standard. [1]