Dicalcium Phosphate

What is Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP)?

Dicalcium Phosphate also known as calcium monohydrogen phosphate is a calcium phosphate. It is usually used a tableting agent and sometimes in feed for poultry.

Is DCP Unhealthy?

DCP is incapable of breaking down completely, DCP is a poor source of maintaining or replacing calcium in your bones.  Like all forms of calcium, it will dissolve in stomach hydrochloric acid (HCl).  However, being bound to phosphate, DCP is not totally soluble in stomach acid.  When only partially reduced in HCl, it is reduced enough to absorb, but insufficiently for proper metabolism.  As calcium collects in the arteries, it may cause arteriosclerotic heart disease.  Should this element end up in the tissues, it may cause premature aging by encouraging excessive wrinkling of the skin.   The problems DCP may cause in soft tissues deserve further discussion. [1]